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Just what is the philosophy of the Atlanta School Board and its new chief with regard to the public education?  It seems that Board Members Leslie Grant, Matt Westmoreland, Nancy Meister, Eshe' Collins, Courtney English, Cynthia Brown and Jsaon Esteves have hired the fox to guard the hen house.

As a sophomore international studies major at Spelman College, I had to realize the space I occupy in this world is a crucial part of my being.

Atlanta Branch president Richard Rose has charted a new direction for Atlanta, including funding for its operations.

Two weeks, That’s how long Atlanta NAACP president Richard Rose says he has tried to get a meeting with Georgia Governor Nathan Deal.

(CNN)Get ready for more Confederate flag debates across the country.

Confederate Memorial Day has been struck from Georgia’s official 2016 state holiday calendar.

What other country would use public money and public land to celebrate and immortalize leaders of a failed insurrection against that country? The answer is “none.

New Atlanta Branch president Richard Rose, shown here in the audience at the annual Jubilee Day Service held at the church pastored by the outgoing president, Rev.

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