NAACP Atlanta Branch

Atlanta NAACP Helps To Vanquish Mims Park

President Richard Rose stood up to Councilman Ivory Young and Rodney Mims Cook, Jr. who planned a celebration of Cook's great, great uncle Confederate Major Livingston Mims who also served as Atlanta's mayor at the turn of the 20th century. This is a vanity project of Cook, Jr. who couched his celebration of the Confederacy by including statues of Atlanta's civil rights nobility, including Hosea Williams, C. T. Vivian, Julian Bond and others.  

In addition to HBCU graduate Ivory Young, Confederate apologist Cook, Jr. was aided in his promotion by Andrew Young, who has disavowed any recent connection with the SCLC and the NAACP.  Young was on a commission tasked with planning the park and the celebrations.  Also on the commision was Vine City pastor Dexter Johnson who supported the story that there was once a park at this same site named for Livingston Mims that was the first integrated playground in Atlanta built while MIms was Atlanta's mayor.  This story was distributed by a Powerpoint presentation and is complete fiction.  Mims park was opened several years after the death of MIms which was several years after Mims' 2 year term, and it certainly was not integrated as it was opened after passage of Atlanta's black codes which forbade blacks from any city parks.

Add Ivory Young, Andrew Young and Dexter Johnson to the list of "complicitors" who aid in the continued oppression of black and brown by supporting the tools of oppression.