NAACP Atlanta Branch

2018 Jubilee Day Celebration

Jubilee Day is annual Atlanta NAACP observance of the issuance of The Emancipation Proclamation by President Abraham Lincoln on January 1, 1863. The Proclamation did not free all African slaves, not even in all of the insurrectional states, however it was still a monumental event as it validated the efforts of slaves who had acted to secure their liberty since the Civil War. Some 155 years later, too much of American society still maintains certain aspects of the white supremacist views that supported the enslavement of a race of people in perpetuity.

 The theme for this year's celebration on Monday January 1 at 11:AM is "What Does Freedom Look Like?". The message will remind us of the work that remains for America to achieve peace from within.  All faiths and denominations are invited to come to a powerful moving worship experience "to remember, reflect, and refocus " as a people, of faith, who seek justice for all. Join us at Cascade United Methodist Church at 3144 Cascade Road S.W., Atlanta, Georgia.