2 Bad Bills on Governor's Desk

Two very dangerous and oppressive bills have passed along party lines are headed to the desk of Governor Brian Kemp. Please call his office and urge him to veto. SB 249 adds a financial burden on Georgia taxpayers at a time when education funding has been cut by $1 billion. HB 838 insures that no law enforcement action can be taken against police who murder citizens and was authored by the police union. The police union and Doug Collins have demonstrated that they do not believe that black lives matter. Any politician or candidate who supports either of these demonstrate that they do not support you and should not represent you. Vote your interests!

Call the governor at 404-656-1776 or send message using this link.

Then call or write the "Y" votes on either of the roll call images attached. These are special interest bills that insure that there will be more like Rayshard Brooks, Caine Rogers and Oscar Cain. Not your interest but the interest of the police union.